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Protect Alaska national parks from industrial mining

1 million acres of prime wolf, bear and salmon habitat adjacent to Lake Clark and Katmai national parks could be opened to new mining claims with the stroke of a pen.

Closed to mining since 1971, these wild Alaska lands are integral to Bristol Bay's salmon-supporting ecosystem that is anchored by these two great national parks.

A recommendation from the Bureau of Land Management to lift this mineral closure and...

Created: 2009-07-20 05:54:30 | By: National Parks Conservation Association | Current Signatures: 1

Stop "Live Animal Skinning In China"

China has emerged as one of the world's most powerful economies but is still mistrusted and feared (as distinct from respected) because since emerging from behind the bamboo curtain, it's government has done little to dispel its autocratic image and apparent disregard for human rights. Quite apart from human rights, decent people everywhere could never accept a society so depraved and bereft of common decency as to accept the skinning of live...

Created: 2009-07-20 06:13:16 | By: Joan E Loza Mobry | Current Signatures: 96

Patch the stupid custom units in Company of Heroes

Everybody knows that the custom units in Company of Heroes are freaking ridiculous! They're not just slightly over powered they are cheap to make, have super armor, and can kill both troops and tanks easily. Fast maneuverable tanks that shoot quick, should not have super armor, and they most certainly shouldn't be able to kill both classes (tanks and troops) like flies.

We would like to see in the next patch some much needed...

Created: 2009-07-20 06:17:54 | By: Cody Sortore | Current Signatures: 1

Please Sign To Help Stop the Slaughter of Canada Geese In New York!

The highly publicized accident that landed U.S. Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River after colliding with a flock of geese in January has caused much anxiety throughout the country. Unfortunately, the media failed to highlight how planes are specifically designed to withstand bird strikes. Now, in a desperate attempt to put passengers at ease, New York City plans to kill thousands of Canada geese in the next few weeks, rationalizing that...

Created: 2009-07-20 12:27:48 | By: roxie f | Current Signatures: 3

Urge the Obama Administration to Actively Support Climate Legislation

In late June, the House of Representatives took a historic vote to pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation that would put in place a nationwide plan to rein in global warming pollution and establish a cleaner approach to our nation's energy system.

This legislation establishes a critical first step in building the foundation to curb global warming, reduce our dependence on oil, and transition to a clean energy...

Created: 2009-07-20 12:29:17 | By: Union of Concerned Scientists | Current Signatures: 0

We Don't Need More Dirty Coal!

Coal-fired power plants are the largest source of global warming pollution in the United States-yet right now, our country is poised to increase these emissions by building many new dirty coal plants.

Virtually all of these proposed plants lack carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, which aims to capture a plant's global warming-causing carbon emissions and store it underground. Building more plants without CCS would lock...

Created: 2009-07-20 12:31:06 | By: Union of Concerned Scientists | Current Signatures: 0

Fans Lobbying to Protect Racecourse


July 2009

Dear Sirs,

Online Petition in Favour of WREXHAM LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2006-2021. LDP

The RED PASSION community website consisting of Wrexham fans from all corners of the globe and including residents of Wrexham Borough, wish to encourage councillors on the planning policy committee, to...

Created: 2009-07-20 12:37:00 | By: Toby Clark | Current Signatures: 0 | Petition Website: Red Passion

Prevent a Catastrophic Oil and Gas Accident Off the Coast of New Orleans!

What would happen to the ocean and the coastal communities along the Gulf of Mexico if 8.4 million gallons of oil and 180 million cubic feet of gas a day spilled? Picture the devastation that could dwarf the Exxon Valdez disaster.

Located in "hurricane alley" off the coast of New Orleans, "Atlantis" is the deepest oil and gas platform of its kind in the world. BP's own database shows that 85 percent of the project's required...

Created: 2009-07-20 13:00:57 | By: Food and Water Watch | Current Signatures: 0

Urge Congress to Permanently Protect the Arctic Refuge!

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to caribou, snow fox and millions of migratory birds. It is also the most important onshore denning habitat for America's vanishing polar bears.

But this natural treasure is constantly under siege. Time and time again, the oil industry and their allies in Congress have sought to open this special place to harmful new drilling, threatening all of the wildlife that depend on it for...

Created: 2009-07-20 14:56:20 | By: Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund | Current Signatures: 0

Stop Shelter Animals From Being Sold for Research!

Michigan House Bill 4663 will eliminate pound seizure in Michigan animal shelters.

Pound seizure is the practice of allowing shelter cats and dogs to be used in experimental research. HB 4663, called "Koda's Law," is named after a shelter dog that, instead of being placed for adoption, was sold to a USDA Class B Dealer (animal broker) and resold to the University of Michigan, where he was used in the university's Advanced...

Created: 2009-07-20 22:08:31 | By: American Humane Association | Current Signatures: 3

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